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At some point of our lives we’ve felt unsafe at a location that we’re probably passing by and think you won’t have enough time to unlock your phone to call for help so CEO and founder Jacqueline Ros invented the Revolar.

It’s a safety device.Revolar provides a simple and discreet location information that calls for help when we need it most with a click of a button our most important contacts will receive our exact GPS location but in order to make sure our contacts receive it we’ll have to preset thwm in the Revolar App.

The Revolar device is only 1 X 1 X 1/8 inches. The mini size of the device sets up our technology for future product lines and lends to its discreet nature.The Revolar is available in three colors which we can change and they are in blue, black and white.



If you have converted your home into a Smart Home then  you’ll definetely need this device so you can control everything and it will be even more easier, it looks like a bear but of course the name says it all Bearbot.

You will be able to set in any part of your house and control it with gestures. The screen is divided in two parts: one side is a TFT screen of 1,44 inches that demonstrates the bears face and facial expressions and on the other side a 3D controller capable of detecting movements and activitate it’s function. And if its going to interact ith you it will, sneeze,yawn and put nice facial expressions every time you order it to do something.

One of the great thing about Bearbot is that you can control it with gestures without the necessity of having to touch or speak to it but of course in order to use it you’ll have to download an app on your Android or IOS phone and you will also need a conexion via Bluetooth. To charge it you will only need to set it in it’s own base where it will charge thanks to it’s magnetic induction.

Bearbot is part of a financing campaign to raise money and make this proyect a reality so it’s price is aproximately up to 99 euros.


Samsung Galaxy X

Today’s post we’ll be speaking about the Samsung Galaxy X but let’s keep this in mind, this isn’t just an ordinary phone, this device is actually FOLDABLE, yes you’ve read it right, foldable. This is Samsung’s next step to introduce a whole new great innovation in devices, more than what we can expect from Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9.

From the beginning of 2013 people have waited for Samsung to introduce the Galaxy X, the first foldable phone for the company, and years back it was rumored that the Galaxy X would finally be launched,but at the moment nothing has happened. But it’s because the company hasn’t yet finished perfecting the phone and it’s difficult to set a launching date.

It’s screen will be 7.3 inches, the screen might be the most important novelty for us users since it will be folding in half, using the OLED flexible screen. It’s price of course isn’t sure yet either, but all we can hope for is that we can afford it.

Parrot Pot


Are you tired of having to go and water your plants? Well that’s not gonna be a problem anymore because the french company Parrot SA brings us the Parrot Pot.

It’s and intelligent pot capable of watering your plants automatically controlling it with your phone, it will be very useful especially for those who tend to forget or feel lazy to get up and go water their plants… The pot contains the plant and analizes the state of the soil it contains thanks to four of it’s sensor and in the superior part of the pot it has a light sensor that can analize how many sunlight the plant is actually receiving and it can also analize the temperature of the soil,the fertilizer level and the humidity of the plant.

According to the company Parrot, it will be necessary to download the app Flower Power 2 in an Android or iOS phone to be able to control this intelligent Pot and also with it we can see with detailed information what the sensors do, so that way you can see the state of the plant. An this app also warns you when the water overflows so that way your plant won’t be at risk with it’s health.



Electric SUV Lagonda

Aston Martin brings back the luxurious vehicle brand Lagonda in 2021,yes it sounds like a long time but i’m sure it will be worth the wait. This will be the first luxurious SUV and it will include advanced technologies that are not well specified what will they be, but they’ll probably be systems to help the driver.

According to Aston Martin the Lagonda SUV will be a very elegant vehicle, very luxurious and completely electric. Lagonda is a luxurious brand, but they also have their technology roots. To drive they will be like no other SUV, therefore it’s aspect must reflect that new reality and to serve as a pioneer in the future where cars will be even more desireable and prestigious.

Speaking on the all-electric Lagonda SUV, Aston Martin President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Andy Palmer said, “In reviving one of the most iconic names in motoring we have created a unique opportunity. One that allows us to cast aside an inherited 20th century approach and instead design cars around 21st century demands and desires. The Lagonda SUV is the first of its kind: a spacious, high-performance 4×4 that successfully reconciles a love of technology, luxury and style.”                                                                                                                                                                              

The new OnePlus 6

Over the years there has been competition between Apple and Samsung devices, which are the most popular and well known phones around the world, but today you will discover the new OnePlus 6.

The OnePlus 6 launch date is now less than two weeks away, and with a huge number of leaks, there are pretty good ideas of what you can expect on May 16. Many OnePlus 6 leaks point to an Android smartphone that combines faster speeds with a trendy all-screen (with notch) design, while remaining affordable next to other flagship devices.

Update: OnePlus has confirmed the OnePlus 6 launch date as May 16, and you’ll be able to buy the phone from May 21 in select locations.

The OnePlus 6 will be replacing the OnePlus 5T (which is now off sale in the UK, Europe and US). The 5T was already one of the more impressive phones of 2017, finally bringing the taller display that’s fashionable among the big brands, as well as improvements to the camera. The OnePlus 6 promises to be even better. With every new generation OnePlus raise there prices which this new 6 can probably cost up to US$519 and $529.

Pete Lau, the executive president revealed that the OnePlus 6 will have a processor Snapdragon 845, 8GB of RAM and up to 256GM of storage. And there are also rumors that the company will keep on selling versions of 6GB of RAM with 64GM of storage

Posible specifications for the OnePlus 6:
  • Screen: 6.2 inches (OLED).
  • Resolution: 2,160×1,080 pixels.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 845.
  • RAM: 8GB.
  • Storage: up to 256GB.
  • Rear camara: Double 12 megapixels and 20 megapixels.




Dell XPS 13

Refined. Enlightened. Empowered. This is how the 2018 Dell XPS 13 would be described. The next-generation InfinityEdge display found on the Dell XPS 13 has bezels so narrow, you’ll forget they’re even there it’s just futuristic. If you can look past the strange camera placement, it just might be the best laptop you can buy today, a sentiment that’s echoed across the internet.


It’s a little more expensive than it was previously, but the Dell XPS 13 makes up for the higher price tag by noticeably boosting the performance and design.

Thankfully, this time even the least expensive edition comes rocking a quad-core processor, namely a 1.6GHz (up to 3.4GHz with Turbo Boost) Intel Core i5-8250U. It’ll set you back $999, but you’ll also be in for a 1080p non-touch display, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of SSD storage.


This year is the first time that Dell as noticeably changed the XPS 13 design since it earned the top spot in numerous rankings. To start, it’s actually lighter and thinner than the 2017 model.

This XPS 13 model also marks the turning point on what might be its biggest bugbear: the webcam placement. Better yet, the new IR lens works well for speedy logins using Windows Hello, the biometric security system that uses your webcam to sign you in. However, the red flashing of the infrared lights is a little intense. The webcam comes equipped with four microphones placed within the lip of the base of the laptop for stronger video chatting input as well as far-field communication for yelling at Cortana from across the room. These mics pick up clearer voice audio over video chats than some of its competitors.


 Another major improvement upon this year’s design is the display. The screen is now available with an optional 4K Ultra HD (3,840 x 2,160) resolution beneath a glossy, IGZO touchscreen. The touchscreen is coated in a 0.65% anti-reflective coating that aims to offset the downfalls of all touchscreens and screen glare. The display responds snappily and fluidly to touch gestures.


Apple Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Headset

The headset, which would straddle the two technologies and tap into Apple’s own chips, is slated for 2020. It’s the biggest sign of Apple’s interest in virtual reality.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is just excited for augmented reality, saying it’s a technology that’s potentially as important as the IPhone. And it turns out he may have big plans for virtual reality too.

The company is working on a headset capable of running both AR and VR technology, according to a person familiar with Apple’s plans. Plans so far call for an 8K display for each eye — higher resolution than today’s best TVs — that would be untethered from a computer or smartphone.





The team’s first product was ARKit, tools that outside software developers use to create AR applications for the latest iPhones and iPads, leveraging their screens, cameras and processors to create virtual 3-D interfaces for online shopping, education and gaming. This was an interim step, giving Apple an opportunity to test the technology on an existing product.

Apple hasn’t finalized how users will control the headset and launch apps, but is investigating touch panels, voice-activation via Siri and head gestures. Engineers are prototyping a range of applications, from mapping and texting to more advanced features including virtual meeting rooms and 360-degree video playback. The company has discussed pairing the headset with its own version of the App Store, where users would be able to download content, just as they do with the iPhone, Watch, Apple TV and Mac.

With the headset at least two years away, Apple wants to make it easier for developers to bring new AR features to the iPhone. To that end, the company plans to release a new version of ARKit software tools as soon as 2018.